God Knows Your Name

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‘In a world of rejection, He accepts you’

God loves us, just as we are. This book encourages us to embrace the truth of a personal God, the God who knows our name.

From the loveless Hagar of the Bible to the abused Donna of Dublin; from the hopeless leper of Mark’s Gospel to the outcast Dalit of Hyderabad: each chapter introduces us to individuals accepted by a God who intervenes on their behalf. These are stories of rejection and acceptance from the Bible and today – true, carefully researched, and told with remarkable power.

“A page turner. I really enjoyed this book! It deserves to be widely read.”
Wendy Virgo, author of Influential Women

“Catherine is a great storyteller. On a packed, noisy train, I found myself engrossed and deeply moved by a host of vivid, contemporary characters, past and present, who stayed with me long after my journey came to an end.”
Michele Guinness, author of The Heavenly Party

“This is a great book. I highly recommend it, especially for anyone who may be doubting their worth. I couldn’t put it down.”
Mark Stibbe, author of I Am Your Father

“This book reveals God as ‘I AM.’ Through stories spanning 4000 years God moves from past doctrine to present reality.”
Valerie Murphy, Precept, Northern Ireland

“This book is a joy.”
Jean Gibson, author of Seasons of Womanhood